Yellow Gold Chains

Bizantina (Byzantine) Chains

6515 Bizantina (Byzantine) Chain 8mm
6515 - $7,681.89
Bizantina (Byzantine) Chain 8mm
Bold and classy, this genuine Italian made 14k Gold Byzantine Necklace Chain is 8mm (5/16th inch) wide and comes in a large variety of lengths. Luxuriously heavy and solid.

6516 Bizantina (Byzantine) Chain 7mm
6516 - $6,390.72
Bizantina (Byzantine) Chain 7mm
14k Bizantina Chain

6517 Bizantina (Byzantine) Chain 6mm
6517 - $4,415.99
Bizantina (Byzantine) Chain 6mm
14k Bizantina Chain

6518 Bizantina (Byzantine) Chain 5mm
6518 - $3,069.56
Bizantina (Byzantine) Chain 5mm
14k Bizantina Chain

6519 Bizantina Necklace Chain 4mm
6519 - $2,169.14
Bizantina Necklace Chain 4mm
Exquisite 4mm Genuine Italian Made Byzantine Necklace. This elegant gold necklace is about 1/6th of an inch wide, comes in a variety of lengths, and is secured by a fancy lobster clasp.

6520 Byzantine Necklace 3mm
6520 - $1,539.03
Byzantine Necklace 3mm
14k Byzantine Necklace Chain - With its rope-like texture and intriguing textural design, this 3mm (about 1/8th inch side) Byzantine necklace will add a touch of continental class to nearly any outfit. Crafted of solid 14 karat yellow gold, it is supple and flexible, draping gracefully about the neck. Available in a variety of lengths, it is fastened with a lobster claw clasp.

6521 Bizantina (Byzantine) Chain 2.5mm
6521 - $878.66
Bizantina (Byzantine) Chain 2.5mm
14k Bizantina Chain

6522 Bizantina (Byzantine) Chain 2mm
6522 - $469.98
Bizantina (Byzantine) Chain 2mm
14k Bizantina Chain

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