Men’s Onyx Rings

Increasingly, Men’s Onyx Rings are becoming a popular choice for men’s jewelry. The contrast of a black onyx stone on a yellow gold setting makes for a handsome and classy accessory on any man. 14k yellow gold is ideal for use in an onyx ring because as it is comprised of 58.5% pure gold and a remainder of alloy, it is hard enough to be used in manufacturing jewelry.

An onyx ring can be worn with formal attire and is also acceptable for everyday use. With a large selection of onyx gold ring styles to choose from, you can find the perfect ring for that special gentleman. We carry a wide variety of onyx-only rings along with rings that have horseshoe, masonic, cross, or other designs.

Our prices are discount wholesale prices, so you save considerably. Each ring ships in a deluxe gift box at no extra charge and is backed by a 2 year warranty with Certificate of Authenticity.

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