White Gold Chain

A white gold chain is a perfect jewelry gift for anyone. White gold is derived from yellow gold by using palladium, nickel or zinc in the alloy to give the gold chain its white color. Pure gold, which is 100% or 24 karat in composition, is often too soft for jewelry. The alloys mixed in pure gold, besides giving it an attractive color such as white, harden the material to allow it to be used for jewelry.

We carry a huge white gold chain selection featuring the most popular designs such as White Gold Figaro chain, Rope, Miami Cuban Chain, Snake Chain, Wheat, and others.

Take a look through our items at your own pace and let us know if you have any questions by sending us an e-mail or calling us. We’ll make sure to do our best to assist you in finding the right gold chain in white gold for your needs. In addition to great savings on these discount wholesale prices, you’ll receive a deluxe gift box at no extra charge. And each white gold necklace or chain is backed by a 2 year warranty and comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity.

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