White Gold Chains

White gold chains are increasingly popular as jewelry gifts for just about anyone. White gold uses palladium, zinc or nickel in its alloy to obtain a white color from pure gold. We have a variety of gold neck chains in white gold ranging from below 1mm wide to larger widths all the way up to 15mm. We also carry a multitude of lengths ranging from a short 14 inches to a long 26 or even 28 inches.

White gold chain styles that have become increasingly popular are the figaro chain, bizantina, rope chain, snake chain, wheat chain, and Miami cuban chain.

We have dozens of other designs in addition to these ones at wholesale discounted prices 70% to 80% below retail. Each of our jewelry items ships in a deluxe gift box at no extra charge and is backed by a 2 year warranty. You will also get a Certificate of Authenticity with each white chain purchase. So, feel free to browse our selection at your own pace and let us know if we can be of assistance by either sending us an e-mail or calling us toll-free.

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